Our Horses

All our horses have genuine horse hair manes and tails. Saddles and bridles are made of good quality leather with brass fittings.
The Oak Horse

On Matching Stand with luxury leather tack. Our future viability rests on a dependable source of high quality wood. We only buy from importers who can prove they use selective harvesting practices.

£ 3,295 plus delivery
The Dark Oak Horse

On matching dark oak stand with luxury leather tack. The horse has been subtly shaded to accentuate its features.

£ 3,295 plus delivery 
size new.jpg
The Dapple Grey Horse

On oak stand with luxury leather tack. Our use of Tulipwood ( Liriodendron Tulipifera ) is reserved exclusively for our painted horses. Its stability and oil free qualities make it an ideal base on which to paint

£ 3,295 plus delivery